1. Designing elaborate skincare routines based off things I read on the internet

A woman applying white ointment to the back of her hand.

“Suzanne researched this!”

Spend twenty minutes browsing r/skincareaddiction and you’ll feel like an all-seeing, all-knowing dermatologist. You can also lose a bushel of money if you’re not careful; even inexpensive skincare adds up if you keep buying it. Luckily I haven’t broken out into any rashes, though the clerk at the grocery store told me “I don’t need to see that” when I tried to show her my ID to buy a beer. Maybe I need the pricey stuff after all…

2. Watching videos that get deleted from the internet when I try to show them to other people


3. Avoiding reading The Devils of Loudun for whatever reason

It looks like a good book, I just can never get around to reading beyond page two. And it’s not particularly dense, unlike some of Huxley’s works. Maybe I just don’t want to read about a bunch of possessed clergy in the middle ages.

This has been your utterly pointless update of the month. Thanks for reading!

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