Russian Doll is probably Netflix’s best show (that’s actually by them, Dark is better) but it’s carried entirely by the premise and the lead’s charisma. Its seedy nihilism grates when you think about it for ten seconds. All these characters live for themselves and the moment, try to look/act/be cool deep into their 30s and 40s (don’t you have anything better to do?), no/few kids, divorces, transitory connections, family God knows where…I think of those two women talking about how they want their art to make an impact like Jim Jones. Yeah, I’m sure we’ll see your feminist collage on the cover of Newsweek. Really? This is an Amish recruitment video.

This was originally posted on my tumblr. I kind of remember writing it, but I forgot about it until it got a few likes and reblogs. I might as well post it here, since there’s a comment section. Will I come to regret that? Up to you!

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