A picture of an autumn tree at the bank of a river. Photo by Fred Russo on Unsplash.

Happy October. Here are some brief updates on the website:

  • Changed the theme from “Writer” to “Twenty-Fifteen.” Writer is a very versatile theme, but the learning curve was a little steep, and I don’t have enough free time to study it. Twenty-Fifteen works well enough, and loads significantly faster. Since my site seems to go down at least once a week, I’m hopeful that this theme update will at least partially solve the problem.
  • Had some issues with the Jetpack social media extension, so I started using the WordPress default for “social links menu.” The way the menus are organized seems a little overcomplicated to me, though that may be a legacy of the Writer theme, or some other theme I’ve used in the past. In any event, the links are up there now.
  • I’m looking into mailing list clients. There are so many out there, and everyone has a different recommendation. “Try Mailchimp, it’s free.” “Try Aweber, it’s so versatile.” “Constant Contact has the best overall package.” “Substack is made for authors.” Some articles that are pretty clearly P.R. puff pieces for this or that company. Once I settle on a client, I’ll let you know.

Photo by Fred Russo on Unsplash.

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