First draft of the next book is done, which means it’s time for the interminable editing process to begin. Music is one of the few ways to make it a little more bearable. (Contrary to popular belief, telling yourself that “it could be a lot worse” doesn’t, in fact, make it better.)

Here’s some good instrumental music to listen to while editing your books. I like it, but your mileage may vary.

Masayoshi Takanaka – An Insatiable High (1977)

This is a truly epic album, with funk, bossa nova, jazz, and rock elements. It may be a little too high energy for editing. However it’s still a great album that’s well worth listening to.

Mort Garson – Plantasia (1976)

I guess the late Seventies were an epic time for music, particularly experimental and instrumental music. This is another standout example.

Chris Remo – Firewatch Soundtrack (2016)

Awesome atmospheric soundtrack for a game I’ve never played.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Playlists

If you worked on your books as much as this girl studies for her test, you’d have an incredible backlist by now!

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