My new short story collection, I Was a Teenage Psychic, is now available across the internet. It features four paranormal short stories about fairly ordinary people encountering strange, otherworldly, and unexplainable situations. Stories include:

  • “I Was a Teenage Psychic” — the titular story follows one night in the lives of two high schoolers with magic powers. One can see the future, one can show you the past. They’ll both learn more than they bargained for when they go looking for a lost soul.
  • “Are You Paying Attention?” — an advertising director keeps seeing the same message repeating over and over again across all written media, from street signs to media kits.
  • “The Empty Room” — a young man inherits a house, discovers that time doesn’t move in one of the rooms. What does he do with it? How does he spend his time?
  • “The Eyes of God” — a mysterious tattoo appears on three suicide victims in the space of two weeks. Detectives Powell and Black have to figure out what the tattoo means, and if the suicides are truly suicides.

Store links:
Apple iBooks
Barnes and Noble (coming soon)
Google Play (coming soon)

Still working on a print edition. Stay tuned…

Feature photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.

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