I wrote alternative screenplays for Game of Thrones Season 8, beginning with the Battle of Winterfell. Here is the first one, “Living Things,” for Season 8, Episode 3. This script picks up where “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” (S8E2) leaves off.

I messed up, because the last episode shows Jorah at the front on horseback, but in my script he’s with Lyanna Mormont on the ramparts. In my defense, I don’t think that Jorah would leave his cousin alone during the battle between life and death. If my ten-year-old cousin wants to die fighting zombies, we’re both fighting zombies together. Khaleesi who? This is family.

I wrote this script because I didn’t want my last memory of Game of Thrones to be anger and disappointment. I was a casual viewer throughout the show’s run, but the last season’s poor writing got under my skin in a way no show’s writing ever has. I can’t claim this script is a great work of art. I hope it’s at least entertaining.

When you read the script, remember that I don’t have to stick to a budget, field demands from HBO, work with actor’s schedules, or handle any of the endless issues that come with actually running a television show. Ending a book is incredibly difficult, I can’t imagine how hard it is to end a television series. This is Monday Morning Quarterbacking times a zillion.

The ending of “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” Season 8, Episode 2:

Season 8, Episode 3, “Living Things,” – HTML – PDF – AO3
Season 8, Episode 4, “Nightfall” – HTML – PDF – AO3
Season 8, Episode 5, “The River and the Tree” – HTML – PDF – AO3
Season 8, Episode 6, “In the Name of the Stranger” – HTML – PDF – AO3

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