I used Talk to Transformer to create some band names, using a list of some of the most popular bands in each genre. It gave me some interesting results.

Heavy metal band names:

skull-faced marauder
snake-horned man
nightmare queen
saint of the sea
shattered skull
star wolf
fairy god
black phoenix
ghost god
black dragon
black dragon (flesh)
black dragon (hades angel)
black dragon (nathrada)
black dragon (red angel)
black dragon (red god)
black dragon (red god (grey angel))
demonic king (giant black angel)

An album cover for Jemele the Android's album Friends, featuring a photograph of a golden retriever against a black background.Indie/alternative:

jemele the android
polly piggott
the boston groupies*
i don’t know any of them
poster boy
the jaywalker
the davis gang
all stars gang
the mike
brad haughty band
jason reynolds & his wife
mea culinary
mrs. skit
lily katherine jimmy

Popular female vocalists (e.g. Kelly Clarkson, Cher, Lana Del Rey, etc.)

mary janes
beth aryan
sasha kelly
diane alexander
julia deejay
julietta fenton
lily and the whiz kids
arianne hall
julia meckles
sasha marley
mariela pare
julie carter
nancy merril
tiffany mcclure
petra kim
kate kellery
katherine fay

Popular male vocalists (e.g. Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Marvin Gaye, etc.):

kevin pryor
sean mathews
mike clark
mike kernan
mark o’neill
kris duke
joe dunning
james dee
kip bangs
mike dawson
tommy kangas
g.a. street
christian brown
patton douglas

I did not supply the the asterisks, parentheses, or any punctuation in these lists. It’s all machine, baby. Which names are you partial to? I like “jemele the android,” it’s fitting in this scenario.

Feature photo by Franck V on Unsplash.

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