Endless Holiday: Now on Kindle and Kobo

I’ve just published my short story, “Endless Holiday,” as an ebook. You can download it on Amazon, on Kobo, or read the story on my website.

The description is a little better than the story, to be honest:

It’s always midnight at the hotel. The music never stops, the dance goes on forever, every drink is on the house. Stay as long as you like, leave any time, but you’ll never get a room. No one does.

The hotel isn’t much––the paint’s peeling off the walls, the elevator malfunctions, the noise is endless, there’s no food––but it’s all there is. There’s one escape, but no one takes it. Not if they have a choice.

I published this story, in part, to learn how to convert a book file from Scrivener into mobipocket. Formatting and exporting isn’t as simple as you might think, so it’s good to get some practice. I’ve found this guide to be helpful.

Leave it to me to wait until the tenth day of Christmas to post a story with “holiday” in the title. At least I have all these lords a-leaping to keep me company. Live and learn…


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